2016 JBLM Airshow and Warrior Expo Cadets in front of USAF Thunderbird #1 - McChord Field Hanger 1 JBLM

Recent Accomplishments



  • T Rawlings to Major
  • M Plemmons to Capt
  • L Jimenez to 2nd Lt
  • T Edwards to 2nd Lt
  • G Edwards to 2nd Lt
  • D Reese to 2nd Lt
  • T Campbell to NCO SSgt

  • C Fisher to C/TSgt
  • L Rushton to C/SSgt
  • M Chick to C/SSgt
  • E West to C/SSgt
  • J Latham to C/A1C
  • G Thomison to C/Amn
  • J Friesen to C/Amn
  • K Coffino to C/Amn

Congratulations and well done!!!

McChord Composite Squadron was recognized in 2016 as a Quality Cadet Squadron by NHQ

Senate recognizes Washington Wing, Civil Air Patrol volunteers for their "unwavering dedication to our citizens"

Squadron Meetings: 
Tuesdays: (Staff Only 1830-1900), 1900-2100
Quarterly Staff Meetings:
Fifth Tuesday: 1830-2100

Meeting Location:  (Map
1155 Barnes Blvd, 
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438

Note: Arrangements need to be made to sponsor non-DoD personnel on base. Standard Washington Drivers Licenses do not meet Federal ID standards.
JBLM Access Requirements

Squadron Commander
Deputy Squadron Commander

Deputy Commander for Cadets