From the Commander

8 Jan 2019

Team McChord Composite Squadron, I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. The holidays provide us time to spend quality time with loved ones, as we prepare for the challenges of the year to come. We accomplished a tremendous deal in 2018, and much would have not been possible without the support of our families.

The year ahead promises to be one of great challenges and new beginnings, and we must seize on the many opportunities that exist and build upon the progress that we have made so far.

I have no doubt that McChord Composite Squadron will be successful in all that we do this coming year. McChord Composite Squadron represents the best that our nation has to offer, it is my pleasure and honor to be your commander. I would like to extend a heartfelt wish for you all to have a happy, healthy, and successful 2019.

2 Feb 2019

Team McChord, due to our ongoing subordinate unit inspection (SUI) we are currently suspending any and all operations until we have completed all requirements per the Inspector General's guidance. I thank you all for your understanding, and your continued efforts; you will be notified by email once squadron operations and meetings resume.