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Squadron Staff

Command Section:
Commander - Capt Kristopher Atabaki
Deputy Commander for Seniors - Capt Thomas Beavers
Deputy Commander for Cadets  - 1st Lt Eugene Glover
Squadron NCO - Vacant
Health Services Officer - 2d Lt C. Andrew Kolstad
Historian - Vacant

Aerospace Education:
Aerospace Education Officer - Capt Jennifer Strasser

Cadet Programs:
Drug Demand Reduction Officer - 2d Lt Luis Jimenez
Squadron Leadership Officer - 2nd Lt Keith Perez
Activities Officer - 1st Lt Eugene Glover

Chaplain - VACANT

Communications Officer - Capt Thomas Beavers

Emergency Services:
Emergency Services Officer - 2d Lt C. Andrew Kolstad
Emergency Service Training Officer - VACANT
Disaster Preparedness Officer - Capt Frederick Hamilton III
Search and Rescue Officer - 2d Lt Andrew Kolstad

Financial Management:
Finance Officer - 2nd Lt Judy Ly
Information Technology:
Information Technology Officer - 2d Lt Naveed Shaikh
Web Security Administrator - 2d Lt Naveed Shaikh

Logistics Officer - 2d Lt Luis Jimenez
Maintenance Officer - Capt Thomas Beavers
Supply Officer - 2d Lt Luis Jimenez
Transportation Officer - Capt Thomas Beavers

Marketing and Public Affairs:
Public Affairs Officer - 2d Lt C. Andrew Kolstad
Recruiting & Retention Officer - VACANT
Alerting Officer - 2d Lt C. Andrew Kolstad
Homeland Security Officer - 2d Lt C. Andrew Kolstad
Operations Officer - Maj John Lopez Jr.
Standardization/Evaluation Officer - VACANT

Administrative Officer - 2nd Lt Laura Perez
Personnel Officer -Capt Adeline Scharold

Professional Development:
Professional Development Officer - Maj Thomas Rawlings
Testing Officer - 2nd Lt Rebecca Coffino

Safety Officer - 2d Lt Russell Friesen